14th Annual ICAS North America Conference

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Overview of Conference

The 14th Annual ICAS North America conference will take place April 17 – 19th, 2015 at Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY. We will be in the Science 1 building. All rooms will be on the same floor. You can view a campus map here.

Binghamton University

Critical Animal Studies as a field has become a powerful canopy for many convergent arenas of thought, politics, scholarship, and activism.  In partnership with Binghamton University’s nationally ranked speech and debate program, the conference will seek to explore how the law has both served as an impetus and a hindrance to advancing the cause of social justice.  The conference also aims to explore the tactics, strategies, and theories that exist outside legal instruments for change. The goal is to create an effective dialog and collaboration between people with differing viewpoints and opinions and not to create an echo chamber for a single-sided viewpoint on how non/human liberation can be achieved.

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The final is now available here.

Travel Information

We suggest you fly into Binghamton’s Airport. You can also consider flying into Syracuse’s Airport or Ithaca’s. If you fly into Binghamton you can rent a car or get a taxi right at the airport. If you fly into Syracuse, the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority and get a bus to Binghamton from there.

Binghamton also has a bus a greyhound station to make for easy regional transport. If people need help getting to and/or from the Binghamton airport or bus station please let us know. We will work to coordinate shuttle transportation. There’s a thread started in our facebook event page to coordinate.

Call for 2015 International Awards

Each year ICAS gives out annual awards and names scholars in the field of critical animal studies. The call for 2015 awards & scholars is below along with the description of each award. The awards are given out annually at a regional conference. For more information on the awards and how to submit click here.

Hotel Information

The Quality Inn in Vestal, NY is the conference hotel. We have a group rate of $79.95 per night. To obtain this rate call the hotel at at 607-729-6371 and informing them that you’re part of the “Critical  Animal Studies” block. We will be having after panel gatherings at the hotel each night of the conference. For more information and why you should stay at the Quality Inn for this year’s conference click here.

Becoming a Sponsor

Sponsorship is how we run an amazing conference year after year while keeping costs low for those who attend. It is also a great way to promote awareness and education about your group, organization, or company since we have several hundred people attend our conference each year. As soon as you become a sponsor we will start promoting your organization alongside our conference information so the sooner you become a sponsor the better.

We offer four different levels of sponsorship in addition to making tabling space available. You can learn more about how to become a sponsor by clicking here.

Staying Connected…

More information such as things to do, an eating guide, hotel information, etc will all be coming out soon. In addition to returning to this webpage to get new information as it comes out you can also join our facebook event page where new information will continue to get posted as additional details become available.


We will be running the conference as waste-free as absolutely possible. We ask attendees to ensure they use designated recycling bins and compost bags whenever possible. There will be some garbage cans available but we ask people to try and refrain from using them or bringing anything into the conference that needs to be thrown away.

Safer-Space & Inclusive-Space Policies

The Conference for Critical Animal Studies promotes a safer space in which all must feel welcome, supported, and secure. No one should endorse or tolerate racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQIA sentiments, ableism, speciesism, or any other kind of oppressive behavior. In kind, this conference is a vegan space, and all should refrain from consuming or wearing animal products while taking part.

In addition, all rooms and bathrooms are accessible and anyone can come and go as they wish from room to room. Please avoid wearing fragrances or strong scents, as the odors may cause allergic reactions. If you have any requests for assistance please indicate them when registering for the conference. (We understand this conference is not fully inclusive because of cost, but we do want to address these issues as they are needed to confront ableism).

Current Sponsors


BU Peace Action