2015 ICAS North America Hotel

Quality Inn

4105 Vestal Parkway East, Vestal, NY, US, 13850
Phone: (607) 729-6371
Fax: (607) 729-6407

hotel lobby

 We have secured a $79.95 per night room rate. This rate can be obtained by calling  the hotel at 607-729-6371 and informing them that you’re part of the “Critical  Animal Studies” block. In addition to being walking distance to campus and several  vegan friendly dining facilities, we will be supplementing the hotel’s continental breakfast  with vegan cream cheese, soy creamer, and almond milk. We plan on organizing informal  get-togethers after the panels  each night at the hotel’s full service lounge / bar. In short,  while you can shop around for cheaper rates we think, given the proximity and the events  going on there, it’s worthwhile to choose this hotel as your option for the conference. It is  a  good rate for a good hotel very close to where you need to be. There is also an on-site  Japanese Hibachi restaurant. You can visit the hotel website for additional information by  clicking here.