Promote ICAS and CAS

Top 20 Ways to Help Promote ICAS & CAS

1. Donate online

2. Organize a critical animal studies (CAS) lecture or film series

3. Faculty, editors, and writers: join the Journal for Critical Animal Studies as a book or film editor or reviewer

4. Invite people to ICAS’s Facebook pages

5. Be a follower of ICAS’s blog

6. Submit events and short articles to

7. Host the annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies

8. Submit an article, film or book review to the Journal for Critical Animal Studies

9. Organize an event and invite someone from ICAS to speak

10. Organize a fundraiser such as a bake sale or music concert for ICAS

11. Students and community members: organize a CAS working-group, reading group, or student organization

12. Faculty: develop a CAS program, degree, or center

13. Scholars: cite ICAS, JCAS, and CAS in your publications

14. Students: write a class paper on CAS

15. ICAS volunteers, interns, scholars, fellows, board, and editors: add ICAS to your resume, blog, Facebook page, biography, and/or website

16. Interview an ICAS board or staff member for your organization or academic program’s newsletter, blog, Youtube page, or magazine

17. Donate the proceeds of an art exhibit, music CD, documentary, or book to ICAS

18. Organize an ICAS-sponsored animal advocacy campaign on campus or in the community

19. Collaborate with ICAS members on a research or advocacy project

20.  Ask ICAS to co-sponsor an animal advocacy college event, forum, project, or program