ICAS Cruelty-Free Campus


ICAS promotes a liberation strategy for establishing ethical colleges and universities world-wide. Just as there were discrimination of other sorts on campuses throughout history because of gender, race, class, ability, and religion, today we fight another battle for all species and tomorrow we will of course be fighting for another group, for education is a right for all and a place that should not include oppression, torture, or domination.  It is for this reason that we have developed a rigid Check-list that will of course be hard to meet in these times, but it is a check-list to strive for and set as a goal, for if we do not set these goals, we will never move forward ethically as an intellectual community.

ICAS 100% Cruelty-Free Campus Check-List

  • Vegan Cafeterias
  • No research, dissection, or vivisection on any living or nonliving nonhuman animal, including raising, hunting or slaughtering
  • Not sponsoring or permitting nonhuman animal entertainment on campus, e.g., donkey basketball
  • Not permitting student organizations, academic programs, or outings that promote hunting, trapping, fishing, or exploitative entertainment of animals (e.g., zoos)
  • No live nonhuman animals to be used as Mascots
  • No genetic engineering or clinical research related to nonhuman animals