***If you would like your organization, campaign, group, or page listed here as joining this boycott, please let us know.***

Vegans Boycotting #Thanksgenocide: Vegans are rightfully outraged that 45 million turkeys are killed each year for Thanksgiving. That should be enough to say “No” to this holiday; if it isn’t, please consider these other reasons …

This campaign is asking all animal advocacy groups to promote social justice, anti-racism, and decolonialism this November by boycotting Thanksgiving Day (and any Thanksgiving related events) and recognizing it as a national day to morn a violent genocide by white settlers of Native Americans and First Nations People. To celebrate Thanksgiving is to ignore a history mired in racism and colonialism.

“Boycott” means not holding public vegan Thanksgiving events and making a commitment not to celebrate Thanksgiving in one’s personal life as well. If you are like us, you believe veganism is an ethical model for the industrialized world; let’s also join the charge against an out-dated holiday with a make-believe history that covers up the true genocidal past of the U.S.

Gathering with friends and/or family and eating turkey or tofurky, marshmallows or Dandies, traditional pumpkin pie or dairy-free pumpkin pie is a celebration of genocide. That is *not* vegan; it is not social justice. There is no such thing as a vegan Thanksgiving. Don’t ignore one form of oppression to promote another. Veganism is nonviolence; genocide isn’t.