Call for Presentations – 2016 4th Annual Institute for Critical Animal Studies Africa Conference for Critical Animal Studies

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2016 4th Annual Institute for Critical Animal Studies Africa Conference for Critical Animal Studies

 PDF of Call for Presentations

University of Cape Town, Leslie Building
South Africa
September 10 and 11, 2016

Registration – free


The Institute for Critical Animals Studies (Africa) conference organising collective is seeking panels, lectures, debates, workshops, teach-ins, roundtables, and art, film, and paper presentations providing comparative engagement across countries and regions. Non-academic and activist papers that explore grassroots movements are strongly encouraged.


The Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS), rooted in animal liberation and anarchism, is an intersectional transformative holistic theory-to-action activist led based organization to unapologetically examine, explain, be in solidarity with, and be part of radical and revolutionary actions, theories, groups and movements for total liberation and to dismantle all systems of domination and oppression, in hopes for a just, equitable, inclusive, and peaceful world.


Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Theory and practice behind activism and organising
  • Intersectionality in theory and practice
  • The debates between welfarism and liberation theories and practice
  • Animals in art, theatre and dance
  • Global and local resistance Learning communities and pedagogy
  • Gender, sexuality and veganism
  • Class, race and CAS
  • The criminalisation and prosecution of dissent
  • Cinematic, literary, and art representations of nonhuman animals
  • Nonhuman animals and the law
  • Re-imagining the Anthropocene


Submit the following:  

  1. 250-300 word abstract
  2. 80 to 100 word biography
  3. Title
  4. The format of your proposal (e.g., roundtable, workshops, presentation, panel, debate, etc.)

To:       Deadline: August 15, 2016.
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