2015 North America Conference Schedule

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Final Schedule

Friday, April 17th, 2015

2:30 – 3:30pm Registration

Science 1 – 149

3:30 – 5:30pm

Critical Animal Studies and the Role of Educators

Science 1 – 149, Round Table Discussion

Featuring: Karen Davis, Carol Glasser, Anthony Nocella II, Kim Socha, Vas Stanescu, Adam Weitzenfeld

Morality in Relation to the Non/Human

Science 1 – 158, Chair: Amber George

Clogging Morgan’s Canon: Approaching an Ethical Model of Interspecies Intelligence
By, Caleb Maier, Senior in Philosophy at Mercer College

Who Calls the Shots?  Moral Agency in Other Animals: Challenging Human Exceptionalism
By, Christiane Bailey, PhD Candidate Department of Philosophy at the University of Montreal

(In)significant Otherness? Parasites as Companion Species
By, Skye Naslund, PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of Washington

5:45 – 7:45pm

Fictionalized Representations of the Non/Human

Science 1 – 149, Chair: Kelly Montford

Would Bugs Bunny Have Diabetes? The Realistic Consequences of Cartoon Diets for Live Nonhuman Animals
By, Amber George, Intergroup Dialogue Project Program Coordinator and Instructor at Cornell University

For Truth, Justice and Animal Rights?: Untangling the Difficulties in Constructing an Animal Abolitionist Superhero Animal Man
By, Sean Parson, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Northern Arizona University

Where to Find and Why We Need Activist Protagonists in Fiction
By, Jenni Moody, Writer and Co-organizer of Huntsville Vegans

The Presence of Carnism on Portuguese Television
By, Rui Pedro Fonseca, Researcher Integrated into the Center for Research and Studies in Sociology and Fellow in Postdoc

Public Debate on Reformism

Science 1 – 140

Featuring: Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns President,  with National Debate Scholar Aref Afshar against Trevor Reddick, Assistant Debate Coach, with Novice Debate Team member TJ Buttgereit.

Theories of Ecology

Science 1 – 158, Chair: Adam Fix

Green Growth, Happy Meat, and Resource Species: Animal Exploitation in Neoliberal Green Capitalism
By, Livia Boscardin, Doctoral Student in Sociology at University of Basel, Switzerland

Human Rewilding: The Next Phase of Ecological Restoration
By, Laura Ofstad, Master’s Candidate in Literature at the University of Nevada in Reno

Challenging Racism and Ableism within Animal Advocacy
By, Anthony Nocella, Executive Director of ICAS

 Saturday, April 18th, 2015

9:00 – 11:00am

Literature, Religion, and Hierarchy

Science 1 – 140, Chair: Carol Glasser

That Which Can Never Be Eaten: ‘Exceptional’ Meat and the Reinforcement of Everyday Consumption
By, Dylan Hallingstad O’Brien, Undergraduate at Hamline University

On a Vegan Atheology
By, Kim Socha, Professor of English at Normandale Community College

Magical Environments and Animalistic Imagination: an Anti-Hierarchical Study of Animal Image Capacity
By, Stephen Bourque, Graduate Student in Philosophy at Temple University

Pedagogy in the Classroom

Science 1 – 158, Chair: Amber George

From Rural to Urban Classrooms: Animal Liberation in Post-Secondary Education
By, Pamela June, Assistant Professor of English at  Ohio University (Eastern Campus)

An Argument for Native Studies: Toward A Critical Animal and Anti-Colonial Pedagogy
By, Trevor Reddick, Senior in English & Philosophy at Binghamton University

Teaching Critical Animal Studies: Beyond The Bounds of Gradeability
By, JL Schatz, Lecturer of English at Binghamton University

Figuring Praxis in Critical Animal Studies

Science 1 – 149, Chair: Livia Boscardin

Strategies Against Animal Research and Ranching
By, Robert Jones, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Cal State Chico

Artwork and Automation in the Meat Industry
By, Sue Coe, Artist

Towards A Historical Ethology
By, Stephen Eisenman, Professor of Art History at Northwestern University

A Defense of Liberal Political Principles
By, Gary Steiner, Professor of Philosophy at Bucknell University

Six Theses on Praxis and Critical Animal Studies
By, John Sanbonmatsu, Teaches Philosophy at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute

11:15 – 1:15pm

Critical Theories of the Animal

Science 1 – 149, Chair: Adam Fix

Thinking like a Wolf: Animal Agency in the Biopolitical Apparatus and in Popular Imagination
By, Emily Howard, Lecturer of Politics and International Affairs at Northern Arizona University

Posthumanism and Societies of Control
By, Lindsay Weinberg, Graduate Student in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz

Animals as a Class and the New Subjects of History
By, Zipporah Weisberg, Postdoctoral Fellow in Animal Ethics in the Dept. of Philosophy at Queen’s University

Animal Activism in Canada

Science 1 – 158, Chair: Amber George

The Dual Failure of the Canadian Legal System: An Analysis of the Oppression of Animals and the Repression of Animal Activists
By, Tayler Staneff, Former Operations Manager with Mercy for Animals Canada

Everyone Loves Marineland!(?): Entertainment Animal Advocacy, Praxis, and Resisting Corporate Repression
By, Elizabeth Smith, Recent Graduate of Brock University’s Critical Sociology MA

Possibilities for Collaboration: Challenging Anthropocentrism in Social Services
By, Melissa Marie Legge, PhD Candidate at the School of Social Work at McMaster University

The Gendered Dynamics of Meat

Science 1 – 140, Chair: Kim Socha

Early 20th Century Anarchist Women on the Limits to Legality, Workers’ and Animal Rights
By, Corinne Chambers, Member of the International Centre for Anarchist Studies in Marseille

Feminist Empiricism and the Livestock Industry
By, Kasandra L. David, Activist Scholar

The Whopper “ Virgins:”Gender, Colonialism, and the Eating of Meat
By, Vas Stanescu, Director of Debate & Professor of Communication at Mercer University

“Protecting Canadian families”: Producing Normative Alimentary Identities Through “Meat”-Safety Public Health Campaigns
By, Kelly Struthers Montford, PhD Candidate of Sociology at the University of Alberta

1:30 – 2:30pm Lunch

2:30 – 4:30pm

Theorizing the Biopolitics of Animal Life

Science 1 – 158, Chair: Kelly Montford

Regulating Bodies: Explorations in Spaying & Neutering
By, Meredith H. Clark, Doctoral Student in Gender Studies at Arizona State University

The Biopolitics of Species in War: Un/Making Human and Animal Rights
By, Chloe Diamond-Lenow, PhD Candidate in Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara

(Un)Sexing the Animal: Thinking Critically About Intersex Fish Panics
By, Lauren O’Laughlin, Doctoral Student in the Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington

Public Debate on Deer Cull

Science 1 – 149

Featuring: Julian Shepherd, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Binghamton University, with National Debate Scholar and former All-American Debater Maneo Choudhury against Joe Leeson-Schatz, ICAS Membership & IRC Director, with National Debate Scholar Rafi Schulman

Protest, Welfare, and Torture

Science 1 – 140, Chair: Anthony Nocella

2013 Brazilian Protests: Human Rights, Nonhuman Rights and the Royal Institute
By, Anita De Mela & Joshua Enslen, Assistant & Associate Professor of Portuguese at The United States Military Academy at West Point

Ethical and Cultural Issues: Animal Welfare in Taiwan and the United States
By, Ping-Tzu Lee, PhD from School of Social Work at Colorado State University

Gruesomeness as a Movement Tactic: An Examination of the Efficacy of Gory Images in Animal Rights Campaign Materials
By, Carol Glasser, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Minnesota State University, Mankato

Torture Across the Species Barrier: How The CIA Torture Program Relied on Experiments on Animals
By, Mitch Goldsmith, Research Associate in the Laboratory Investigations Department at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

4:45 – 6:45pm

Legal Struggles & Campaigns for Liberation

Science 1 – 149, Chair: Danesh Singh

Confluence of East and West: Mohandas Gandhi and Henry Stephens Salt On Kinship Across Species
By, Loretta Stec, Professor of English at San Francisco State University

Single-Issue Campaigns and Abolition/Vegan Advocacy: Is There a Conflict?
By, Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns

Animal Protection in Courts: An Innovative Case of Judicial Activism in Colombia
By, Andrea Padilla Villarraga, Doctoral Student in Law at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

Companion Animals, Hunting, and Ethics

Science 1 – 140, Chair: Kim Socha

Donkeys in Egyptian Brick Manufacturing
By, Shannon Callahan, Graduate Student in Middle East Studies and International Human Rights Law at the American University in Cairo

Doing the Right Thing for Troy: A Critical Look at Pet Euthanasia in the United States
By, Laura Winocur, JD in 2015 from Fordham School of Law

Biophilia as a Virtue: The Benefits of Reestablishing our Human Bond with the Natural World

By, Mallory Abel, Canisius College

 Sunday, April 19th, 2015

 9:00 – 11:00am

Organizing for Justice in New York

Science 1 – 140, Chair: Trevor Reddick

Affective Activism in the Empire State: Racing Against Extinction in the Holocene Epoch
By, Jack Dionne, MA Candidate of Communication at Syracuse University

Title Needed
By, Rockwell Schwartz, Co-Founder of Students for Critical Animal Studies and Co-Leader of the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition

Pigeon Apartheid/Homeless Apartheid
By, Joan Harrison, Activist Organizer and Writer

Resisting Federal Surveillance

Science 1 – 158, Round Table Presentation

The Case of Leslie James Pickering, Burning Books, and the Earth Liberation Front Press Office
By, Leslie James Pickering & Michael Kuzma, Former Spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office & Solo Legal Practitioner who has represented Leonard Peltier, Jalil Muntaqim, among others

Terrorization of Dissent: Corporate Repression, Legal Corruption, and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (2014)

Science 1 – 149, Chair: Livia Boscardin

AETA 101: What it is and why it matters
By, Carol Glasser, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Minnesota State University, Mankato

“Eco-Terrorism” 101: The Current State of the “Green Scare” and the Criminalization of Dissent
By, Michael Loadenthal

A Green Criminologist Perspective on Eco-Terrorism
By, Anthony Nocella, Executive Director of ICAS
Kangaroo Court: Analyzing the “Hearing” on the AETA
By, Vasile Stănescu

11:15 – 12:15pm

FOIA Workshop

Science 1 – 140

Led by James Leslie Pickering & Michael Kuzma

Organizing for Change

Science 1 – 149, Chair: Anthony Nocella

Farm Animal Companions: Exploring Human-Animal Relationships in Safe Farming Spaces
By, Angela Dawn Parker, MSc Student in Department of Geography, Urban and Environmental Studies at Concordia University

PETA’s Queer Dilemma: Advocating for a Rhetoric of Wildness
By, Joe Hatfield, MA Candidate in Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University

Art & Animals

Science 1 – 158

By, Michelle Wilson, Teaches at the University of Manitoba and at the Winnipeg Art Gallery studio

12:30 – 1:30pm Lunch

1:30 – 2:30pm

Public Debate on Religion in Animal Activism

Science 1 – 149

Featuring: Kim Socha, Professor of English at Normandale Community College

Abstract & Publication Workshop

2:30 – 4:30pm

Prison Letter Writing

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