September 2014 TOP FIVE – Children’s Books

top-5-best-ios-featuresAs we enter into a new school year I am reminded of the wonderful stories that shaped my own beliefs a young child. This past year I have also had the pleasure of reading many of the young adult novels as I have been working on my own humane education creative non-fiction series. However, before one delves into a novel, the stories of our younger years play a tremendous part in the way that view our surrounding environment, our role, responsibilities and ethic of care. Here is a selection of five great titles that can start our young readers in developing and nurturing their own ethic of care for the worlds that surround them.

An Egg is Quiet – March 4, 2014 by Dianna Hutts Aston  (Author), Sylvia Long (Illustrator)

1“This stunningly beautiful and wonderfully informative book from award-winning artist Sylvia Long and author Dianna Hutts Aston makes for a fascinating introduction to the vast and amazing world of eggs. Featuring poetic text and an elegant design, this acclaimed book teaches children countless interesting facts about eggs. Full of wit and charm, An Egg Is Quiet will at once spark the imagination and cultivate a love of science. (Source:



The Wish Trees – May 22, 2008 by Andrea Koehle Jones  (Author), Alicia Padron  (Illustrator)

2“Inspiring and uplifting, The Wish Trees is rooted in the idea that every child can help make the world a better place. Pre-readers and early readers will love turning the pages to reveal children planting Wish Trees and making wishes. Kids will discover the wonder of trees and enjoy searching for different animals and signs with each new page. Thoughtful, empowering and beautifully written by Canadian writer Andrea Koehle Jones, The Wish Trees features adorable and engaging illustrations by talented Venezuelan children’s book illustrator Alicia Padrón.”

What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? – March 18, 2008 by Steve Jenkins  (Author), Robin Page  (Author)

3“A nose for digging? Ears for seeing? Eyes that squirt blood? Explore the many amazing things animals can do with their ears, eyes, mouths, noses, feet, and tails in this interactive guessing book, beautifully illustrated in cut-paper collage, which was awarded a Caldecott Honor.

This title has been selected as a Common Core Text Exemplar (Grades K-1, Read Aloud Informational Text).” (Source:


Sisters and Brothers: Sibling Relationships in the Animal World Paperback – March 20, 2012 by Robin Page  (Author), Steve Jenkins  (Illustrator)

4“The award-winning team behind What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? and Move! investigate sibling relationships throughout the animal kingdom in Sisters and Brothers. In this book you will learn that anteaters are always only children and nine-banded armadillos are always born as identical quadruplets, plus lots of other fascinating family facts. A perfect book for animal lovers young and old—now available in paperback.” (Source:


The Little Donkey Who Went to Court Paperback – Large Print, February 24, 2014 by Catherine T. A. Struve (Author), Catherine T. Struve  (Author)

5“It is the 1820s, and a small donkey named Tilly is bought by a London fruit seller. Forced to pull a heavy cart and beaten for stumbling, she is rescued by Richard Martin, who just recently secured the passage of England’s first-ever law banning animal cruelty. Martin takes Tilly’s owner to court, where it looks as though Martin will lose the case … until Tilly saves the day (and herself) by appearing in the courtroom. With six full-color illustrations accompanying the text, this book presents real events through the eyes of Tilly (a fictional character) and shows the importance of protecting animals.” (Source: