Call for Chapters – Eco-ability book connecting disability and animal oppression

Call for Chapters for eco-ability book on connecting nonhuman animal and disability oppression. Eco-ability is the primary interdisciplinary field and intersectional movement that relates animal, environmental and disability justice together. Eco-ability studies and movement has developed journal issues, books, conferences, videos, and events. It is important to use one name and discipline to grow and have a unified organized message and theory. The book will be published by Peter Lang Publishing.

The book is interested in topics that include, but not limited to:

  • Animals with disabilities
  • medical industrial complex
  • Animal Abuse and disability abuse in the household
  • Murder of those with disabilities and animals
  • Rape and Sexual Assault related to animal and disability abuse
  • Stigmatization of labels
  • Legal protection of those with disability and animals
  • Animals and disability represented in media
  • Animals and disability social movements
  • Animal and disability
  • Animals and disability equity and justice
  • Critical animal studies and critical disability studies
  • Critical animal pedagogy and disability pedagogy


Format of Chapter:

  • APA style
  • No headers
  • No footers
  • No footnotes
  • No endnotes
  • 12 point font
  • 1 inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • Times Roman font
  • No cover page
  • No page numbers


Deadline October 1, 2019 for submissions



  • Title
  • Biography 80 to 100 words third person in one paragraph
  • Abstract 200 to 250 words

Send to: Dr. Anthony J. Nocella II – subject line “Critical Animal Criminology book”