Organize and Promote the National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth May 15 to 21, 2016

thunderclapOrganize and Promote the National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth May 15 to 21, 2016

During the 4th Annual National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth organizations, groups, collectives, mosques, synagogue, community centers, bookstores, schools, clubs, churches, recreation centers, and temples, are organizing in their communities around the country daily events during the week aimed at raising awareness about the school to prison pipeline and ending the incarceration of all youth.
HISTORY: The National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth (NWAAIY) was founded in 2013 to dismantle the prison half of the school-to-prison-pipeline. The National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth is a fully-volunteer project organized by hundreds of groups and individuals around the United States.

GOALS: Another world is possible, and it begins with community based programs and alternatives such as rehabilitation, therapy, counseling, job readiness workshops, tutoring, more community programs and centers, and transformative and restorative justice programs in the community and in schools to address conflicts. Incarceration is not the solution, but the problem. Once youth are involved in the juvenile justice system, it is hard for them to get out of it. Please support youth and their futures and demand that no more youth are incarcerated no matter the crime/harm they have committed. Incarceration does nothing to address the needs of the community, those harmed, and the youth who have committed the harm.

YOUTH: The juvenile justice system targets four youth groups for incarceration; they are the following, in no specific order: (1) Youth of Color, (2) Youth with Disabilities, (3) Economically Disadvantaged Youth, and (4) LGBTTQQIA Youth.

PROBLEM: The three step oppressive punishment process targeting youth is:

  • Criminalization of Youth is the stigmatization of youth through laws and norms that are based on their behavior, dress, ability, socializing, identity, and community in which they live in.
  • Policing of Youth is the surveillance and social control of youth by law enforcement and those in disciplinary roles.
  • Incarceration of Youth is the punitive disciplinary act that is taken by the criminal justice system if a youth breaks the law and is found guilty.



Monday May 9, May 16, and May 23, 2016
9pm Eastern or 8pm Central or 7pm or Mountain 6pm Western USA Time.
Call: 310-372-7549
Code: 898729
All are invited.










General Contact: Anthony Nocella: 315-657-2911 or

Facebook Event Page:

NWAAIY Blank Event Flyer: NWAAIY 2016 Event Flyer

NWAAIY General Promotion Flyer: NWAAIY 2016 Flyer

NWAAIY Information Flyer: NWAAIY 2016 Handout



Print out and laminate this “Against Incarcerating Youth” sign:

Example of sign:



May 15 Sunday – This day is dedicated to working to end police surveillance in communities such as drive-bys, stake-outs, and stop and frisk.

May 16 Monday – This day is dedicated to ending SROs (School Resource Office)/Police in schools and promoting alternatives to police involvement in school conflicts, such as counselors.

May 17 Tuesday – This day is dedicated to ending the use of cameras and metal detectors or other surveillance in schools (Brown vs. Board of Ed. 1954).

May 18 Wednesday – This day is dedicated ending zero tolerance, in and out of school suspension, and detention in schools.

May 19 Thursday – This day is dedicated to ending anti-gang colors laws, city and school dress codes, and other anti-gang laws (Malcolm X Birthday).

May 20 Friday – This day is dedicated to ending curfews and truancy laws targeting youth.

May 21 Saturday – This day is dedicated to promoting alternatives to punitive justice such as transformative justice and restorative justice (BIGGIE Birthday).



For each day during the #NWAAIY groups and people can organize any type of event such as: protests, hold signs, table, rally, walk out, sit-in, movie screening, panel, lecture, debate, conference, Skyping lecture, march, teach-in, workshop, festival, banner drop off a bridge, street theater, press conference, open mic poetry night, potluck conversation, roundtable, lobby day, pamphletting, holding a banner on a corner of the street, flying at a mall or college, die-in, fast, hunger-strike, petition, and chalking on the sidewalk.