Minding Animals – ICAS Oceania representatives

We are excited to announce that three members from ICAS Oceania will be presenting a panel at the Minding Animals conference in Delhi.

There is a lot of exciting news to come from ICAS Oceania over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the third annual ICAS Oceania CFP coming soon.


In the meantime, here is the abstract for their panel at Minding Animals.

The Oceanic division of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies has regionally specific issues that face animals, humans and the environment as its focus. In de-centering dominant US and European discourse and praxis, we seek to create a space that allows for marginalized experiences, academic work and activist groups, to explore their ideas and theories.

This roundtable discussion will be held by three of the ICAS Oceania collective members who are all scholar-activists in the field of Critical Animal Studies. All three members are from Australia and will address some of the steps the collective has taken to create a more inclusive space, including challenges faced in the Asia-Pacific region. The presenters will speak from their strengths and include an analysis of Australian and regional issues facing other-than-human-animals that the members are involved with. These will include the Victorian duck hunting season and constructions of masculinity, the dispute over Japanese whaling and cultural imperialism, and kangaroo “culling” and Australian nationalism.

Further, this panel will forge a relationship between the collective members and those taking part in the roundtable, with the goal of sharing tactics and theories for advancing CAS within academia and activism in the region and more broadly.