New Book: Superheroes and Critical Animal Studies: The Heroic Beasts of Total Liberation (Critical Animal Studies and Theory)

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Here is a new book “Superheros and Critical Animal Studies: The Heroic Beasts of Total Liberation by Sean Parson and JL Schatz

About the Book

Superheroes and Critical Animal Studies explores and puts into dialogue two growing field of studies, comic studies and critical animal studies. The book’s aim is to create a form of praxis that people can use to actualize many of the values superheroes strive to protect. To this end, contributor chapters are divided into sections on the foundation of superhero representation and how to teach it, criticisms of particular superheroes and how they fall short of truly protecting the planet, and interpretations of specific characters that can be read to produce a positive orientation to the nonhuman world and craft strategies to promote liberation in the real world. Altogether, the book produces a form of scholarship on the media that is both intersectional in scope and tailored to have an impact on the reader beyond theorizing superheroes for theorization’s sake.

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