Oceania Conference


Critical Animal Studies Oceania 2017:
Forging Alliances and Intersections.

15-16 July, Ross House 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne City.

Alliance building across social movement groups is an important aspect of social movement dynamics, contributing to their capacity to promote social change for both nonhuman and human animals. Within the Oceanic region of the animal liberation movement, forging alliances and building an awareness of intersectionality is crucial, yet remains scarce within activist communities. No one group an achieve liberation on its own, or emancipate other oppressed communities, making alliance building vital. This conference seeks to foster new discussions on how to forge alliances and raise awareness of intersectionality within a Critical Animal Studies framework. Understanding what inspires and facilitates collaboration and how movements form alliances, or fail to do so, is a crucial aspect of achieving social change at a broader level.

The ICAS Oceania conference venue is Ross House

Even though tickets will be available at the registration desk (cash only), we request you purchase in advance t
We have a progressive scale for tickets:


Tickets are available here (please note, there is a $2 booking fee)

Conference, session and workshop structure
The conference is designed to allow as much discussion time as possible. Each session will be chaired by a volunteer who will facilitate the discussion. Facilitators will keep a progressive speaking list. This means, people who have not already spoken will be prioritised.


This year we will only provide snacks. Ross House is in the center of the city, and there are many vegan options. We will provide a list shortly.
Accommodation and transport
There are a number of accommodation options available near the vicinity of the venue. We will try to house people when possible.

We suggest you take public transport, parking in the city will not be easy or cheap. Flinders St station is a 3-5 minute walk away and most trams are within a 5 minute walk.

All rooms are accessible.
Safer Space
The Conference for Critical Animal Studies promotes a safer space in which all must feel welcome, supported, and secure. No one should endorse or tolerate racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQIA sentiments, ableism, speciesism, or any other kind of oppressive behavior. In kind, this conference is a vegan space, and all should refrain from consuming or wearing animal products while taking part.
Sober Space
We encourage a sober space as well, so please do not drink, shoot, or inhale intoxicants into your body closely before or while in attendance at the conference.
Inclusive Space
All rooms and bathrooms are accessible and anyone can come and go as they wish from room to room. Please avoid wearing fragrances or strong scents, as the odors may cause allergic reactions. If you have any requests for assistance such as a translator, note taker, medication, childcare, or physical accessibility, please let us know by e-mailing icasoceania@gmail.com. (We understand this conference is not fully inclusive because of cost, but we do want to address these issues as they are needed to confront ableism).
Grievance procedure
A grievance officer will be available at the conference. Please speak with them if you feel an issue has been dealt with poorly, or if you feel unsafe in any way. If you do not feel comfort-able with this person, please approach a member of the collective.
ICAS Oceania unfortunately cannot offer child care at this stage as we do not have the funding to pay a qualified worker and to cover the insurance. However, children are more then welcome to attend for free. We apologise for this, and hope to be able to secure funding to offer this at future events.

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