Animal, Society, and Ethics Journals

Animal, Society, and Ethics Journals

Between the Species

Ethics and Animals

Journal of Animal Ethics

Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism.

Politics and Animals

Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics

Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research

Society & Animals

Animal Studies Journal




Journal for Critical Animal Studies

Animal Law Review

Global Journal of Animal Law

Animal Law e-journal

Mid-Atlantic Journal on Law and Public Policy

Stanford Journal of Animal Law and Policy

Journal of Animal Law and Ethics

 Australian Animal Protection Law Journal.

Journal of Animal Law

Animal Sentience

Animal Welfare

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science


Applied Animal Behaviour Science

Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Welfare

AATEX (Alternatives to Animal Testing and Experimentation)

 ALTEX: Alternatives to Animal Experimentation

ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals)

Toxicology in Vitro

Cahiers Antispécistes.

Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios Críticos Animales (Spanish)

Revista Brasileira de Direito Animal (Spanish)

Journal of Animal Law & Interdisciplinary Animal Welfare Studies

Animot  (Italia)

Trace TierstudienZeitschrift für kritische Tierstudien (German)


Journal of Animal Law

Liberazioni: rivista di critica antispecista