2019 Recipience of the ICAS Annual Scholar Awards

Tyke Scholar of the Year
Nathan Poirier, Michigan State University

Hilda Scholar of the Year
Annie C. Bernatchez, University of Calgary

Critical Animal Studies Media of the Year
Book – “A Historical Scholarly Collection of Writings on the Earth Liberation Front” (Peter Lang Publishing, 2019)
Anthony J. Nocella II, Sean Parson, Amber E. George, and Stephanie Eccles

Britches Scholar of the Year
Drew Winter, Rice University

Critical Animal Studies Undergraduate Paper/Project/Thesis of the Year
No Nomination

Critical Animal Studies Graduate Paper/Project/Dissertation of the Year
Aliya James Allen Weise, American University

Critical Animal Studies Faculty Paper/Project of the Year
“Intersecting Oppressions: The Animal Industrial Complex and the Educational Industrial Complex”
Meneka Repka, Lakehead University