Ground-Rules for Organizing

Ground Rules

by Anthony J. Nocella II

Here are a set of common and useful ground rules to use in meetings of the group.

  1. Volunteer yourself only
  2. No put downs of yourself or others, even in a joking way
  3. One mic (one person speaks at a time)
  4. Vegas (whatever said in a space, does not go beyond those that heard it)
  5. Participate
  6. Step up, step down (those that have more privilege speak less in a space)
  7. 3 then me (do not speak until at least three people spoke)
  8. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Sweet)
  9. Keep an open mind
  10. Assume the best
  11. Don’t yuck on my yum (do not put down what someone else likes)
  12. Don’t take anything personal
  13. Attack the idea not the person