Total Liberation not Total Animal Liberation

So in a few organizations, collectives, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and across the world within the animal advocacy movement people are screaming chanting and demanding Total Animal Liberation. That is a good term and idea from a noncritical perspective, but this is critical animal studies, where we examine the reasoning of everything. So the first question is, why isn’t animal liberation enough? It is not clear enough that someone had to add total to the Total Animal Liberation, which is the same goal and if anything total animal liberation was the goal with the rise of the animal liberation movement which branched out of the animal rights movement, which branched out of the animal advocacy movement, which finally branched out of the animal protection movement.

Moreover, it is interesting that total animal liberation emerged a few years after the period when total liberation was making its peak globally with collectives, conferences, radio shows, and groups being established in its name. ICAS defines total liberation as intersectionality in action. Animal liberation and total liberation both work for animal liberation, but total liberation argues for the end of all oppression and the liberation of all life from humans to insects. The problem of the term total animal liberation is that it seems that — it stresses single issue politics, co-optation of the term total liberation, and the re-marginalization of total liberation values.