2017 16th Annual North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies


November 10 (Friday) to November 12 (Sunday), 2017
Vallecito Room, Student Union
Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, Colorado, USA

Free for all and open to the public and all ages.


Facebook Event Page:


If you have any questions about logistics of the conferences hotels, travel, food, etc. please contact Anthony Nocella – nocellat@yahoo.com

No food is covered.

We suggest to people to get a hotel room at La Quinta Inn in Durango, CO and state that you are here for Fort Lewis College for a Conference sponsored by the Department of Sociology and Human Services hosted by Dr. Anthony Nocella and you should get a discount – 970-259-8400

Senate Room does have computer, projector, and WiFi.

This conference is on USA mountain time.

If you have any questions feel free to call – 3156572911 with Anthony Nocella




Friday – Dinner

Dinner at 7pm meet at Reed Library Room 16 at Fort Lewis College


Saturday – Welcoming

9:30am – Sean Parson, Northern Arizona University and Anthony J. Nocella II, Fort Lewis College


10am – Session 1

Panel Chair: Caitlin Laffey, Fort Lewis College
Camera: Neiko Martinez, Fort Lewis College

  1. Superheroes and Critical Animal Studies
    Sean Parson, Northern Arizona University
  2. From Choice to Accessibility: Promoting Meatless Infrastructures in Denmark
    Drew Winter, Rice University
    Isabella La Rocca, Centre College, Danville, Kentucky


11:30am – Session 2

Panel Chair: Nicola Walker, Fort Lewis College
Camera: Gabrielle Medina, Fort Lewis College

  1. Picturing Elephants: A Critical Animal and Media Studies Project
    Nathan Grande, University of Texas at Dallas
  2. Building Bridges with Indigenous Activists
    Max Lieberman, University of Iowa
  3. Initiating Conversations About Issues Associated with the Animal Industrial Complex
    Jennifer Williams, Northern Arizona University

1:00pm – Lunch


2:00pm – Session 3

Panel Chair: Tatyana  Trujillo, Fort Lewis College
Camera: Briana Littleben, Fort Lewis College

  1. Dealing with Trauma: Introducing an Eco-ability Liberatory Therapy
    Marissa Anderson, Fort Lewis College
  2. The V Word: Deploying Veganism in Liberationist Advocacy
    Jonathan Dickstein, University of California-Santa Barbara
  3. (Re)Imaginings of “Community”: Perceptions of (Dis)ability, the environment, and Inclusion
    John Lupinacci and Mary Ward Lupinacci, Washington State University


3:30pm – Session 4

Panel Chair: Charles Stabler, Fort Lewis College
Camera: Alvin Harvey, Fort Lewis College

  1. Revoicing the Silenced: Constructing Animal Liberation Through Microsanctuaries
    Hana Zoe, Colorado
  2. The Academic Intelligence Complex and Strategies for Change
    Erik Juergensmeyer, Fort Lewis College
  3. Cryptocurrencies and Total Liberation
    Alaina Sigler, Direct Action Everywhere Colorado and Food Not Bombs Boulder

5:00pm – End of Day One


5:30pm – Dinner

Meet in front of Senate Room




10am – Session 5

Panel Chair: Wade Young, Fort Lewis College
Camera: Nicola Walker, Fort Lewis College

  1. Culture and Bull Fighting
    David Vasquez Hurtado, Fort Lewis College
  2. Sanctuary as Commons
    Mara Pfeffer, North Arizona University
  3. Constellations: Stories of Coming to and Sustaining Justice Work for All Life
    Madison Ledgerwood, North Arizona University


11:30am – Session 6

Roundtable Chair: Anthony J. Nocella II, Fort Lewis College
Camera: Mattie Baker, Fort Lewis College

  • Roundtable on Anarchism and Ecology
  • Anthony J. Nocella II, Fort Lewis College and Sean Parson, Northern Arizona University

12:30pm – End of Conference

1:00pm – Lunch

meet at Senate Room


The Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS), rooted in animal liberation and anarchism, is an intersectional transformative, holistic, theory-to-action, activist-led organization. ICAS unapologetically examines, explains, is in solidarity with, and part of radical and revolutionary actions, theories, groups, and movements for total liberation. We seek to dismantle all systems of domination and oppression in quest of a just, equitable, inclusive, and peaceful world.

The 15th Annual Conference is a grass-roots, non-funded, fully-volunteer, free event (with donations being requested and welcomed during the conference). As this is a volunteer-led effort, the conference will not cover food, but attendees can eat in the cafeteria, where there will be vegan options. We have no scholarships or funding to pay for lodging or travel of anyone. We also because of our anarchist values will not pay people to speak or provide a plenary panel or keynote to value one over another.

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Durango, Colorado is an international vacation destination with hiking, bicycling, camping, skiing, rafting, climbing, art galleries, wonderful restaurants/cafes, and Native American ruins. Durango, Colorado has a local airport, over twenty hotels, public transportation, and is one of the most beautiful mountain towns in the United States. We invite you to not only attend the conference, but save time to enjoy the natural world as well.


ICAS is excited to say that of 2016 ICAS is moving to a working-collective for our Board of Directors. ICAS founded in 2001, is a fully-volunteer organization and since 2013 have begun having collective/board meetings to aid in distributing power equitably. In 2014 we have created working roles for each individual on the collective/board, which in 2015 we defined roles and created a 100+ manual to help build and organize ICAS to be more equitable and effective. Today, the ICAS International Collective is skilled and moving forward as a small collective, not an association or term-limited board of directors. We cannot be everything for everyone and always encourage everyone to help build the field and movement of Critical Animal Studies by building Journals, Conferences, Centers, and other organizations. Thank you again for all the support.


Fort Lewis College has been selected by the ICAS International Collective after the Call for Location Hosts deadline for a number of important reasons. Fort Lewis College can offer free rooms, free technology, accessible buildings, Department supportive of CAS, students and community supportive of CAS, free use of tables, chairs, desks, wi-fi, local airport, hotels, cheap public transportation, beautiful location, and vegan local restaurants. Almost no university/college can offer all of these needs and so we are honored to have Fort Lewis College host this year’s conference. With all of these wonderful free resources ICAS can offer this conference free to attend for all. As a fully-volunteer organization ICAS cannot manage catering food so we are suggesting all attendees during breakfast and lunch to go to the cafeteria to pick up food, which there is vegan options. Of course donations will be accepted during the conference.



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