ICAS July 2016 E-Newsletter

Hello Friends of ICAS,

We have a few exciting things we would like to share.

4th Annual ICAS Africa Conference for Critical Animal Studies has been put on hold for the moment to work with all the presenters and organizers schedules better.

4th Annual ICAS Oceania Conference for Critical Animal Studies has its registration open: https://www.criticalanimalstudies.org/registration/

15th Annual ICAS North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies is free with no registration. The focus this year is presentations generally from activists and community organizers. https://www.criticalanimalstudies.org/2016/02/call-for-presentations-for-2016-15th-annual-north-american-conference-for-critical-animal-studies/


ICAS has recently published two Interviews on the ALF:
August 2016 Scholar-Activist Spotlight with Will Hazlitt of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office https://www.criticalanimalstudies.org/2016/08/august-2016-scholar-activist-spotlight-with-will-hazlitt-of-the-north-american-animal-liberation-press-office/

July 2016 Scholar-Activist Spotlight with Abdul Haqq AKA Walter Bond https://www.criticalanimalstudies.org/2016/07/july-2016-scholar-activist-spotlight-with-abdul-haqq-aka-walter-bond/


Dr. Amber George is the Editor of the Journal for Critical Animal Studies Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer is the Editor of the Peace Studies Journal Dr. Anthony Nocella is the Editor of the Peace Studies Journal


If you have not picked it up yet, check out “Screening the Nonhuman: Representations of Animal Others in the Media” edited by Amber E. George and J.L. Schatz and published in the Critical Animal Studies and Theory book series by Lexington Books, a project of ICAS. https://www.amazon.com/Screening-Nonhuman-Representations-Critical-Studies/dp/1498513743/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470843151&sr=8-1&keywords=amber+george+media+studies

If you have not picked it up yet, check out “Environmental and Food Justice toward Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline: Poisoning and Imprisoning Youth” edited by Anthony Nocella, John Lupinacci, and Kishi Ducre. https://www.amazon.com/Addressing-Environmental-Justice-Dismantling-Pipeline/dp/1137508213/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470843348&sr=8-1&keywords=food+justice+and+school+to+prison+pipeline


The Institute for Critical Animal Studies is proud to promote and support Black August, a month dedicated to celebrating Black liberation. Here are a few dates that your group or friends can do something for: Significant Dates for Black August:

  • August 1619 the first enslaved Afrikans arrive in Jamestown, Virginia
  • August 1791 the start of the great Haitian revolution
  • August 1, 1978 Khatari Gaulden was murdered
  • August 2, 1850 the initiation of the major network that conducted the Underground Railroad began
  • August 4, 1956 political prisoner and member of MOVE Debbie Sims Africa was born
  • August 7, 1970 Jonathan Jackson was gunned down outside the Marin County California courthouse as he attempted to liberate three imprisoned Black Liberation Fighters: James McClain, William Christmas and Ruchell Magee (McClain and Christmas were also murdered that day)
  • August 8, 1950 political prisoner Dr. Mutulu Shakur was born
  • August 8, 1978 the first bombing of the MOVE family by Philadelphia Police.
  • August 11-17, 1965 the Watts Rebellion
  • August 18, 1971 the defense of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (PG – RNA) from a FBI assault in Mississippi
  • August 21, 1831 the rebellion of Nat “the Prophet” Turner
  • August 21, 1971 George Jackson was murdered
  • August 22, 1843 the call for a general strike by enslaved New Afrikans by Henry Highland Garnett
  • August 23, 1943 political prisoner Maroon Russell Shoatz was born
  • August 23, 1949 political prisoner Maliki Shakur was born
  • August 27, 1963 W.E.B. Dubois died in Ghana
  • August 28, 1963 the March on Washington D.C.
  • August 30, 1800 Gabriel Prosser’s rebellion
  • August 30, 1948 Chairman Fred Hampton who was murdered by Chicago police was born

Until all are free … ICAS Executive Directors