Queen’s University Conference: ‘Thinking Outside the Cage: Towards a Nonspeciesist Paradigm for Scientific Research’


A Conference to be held at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, March 27-28, 2014

Scientific research is currently governed on the premise that humans have a right to use sentient animals as subjects of harmful research for our benefit. What would a non-speciesist alternative look like? We have invited leading scientists, public policy experts, humane educators, legal scholars and political theorists to help us identify the opportunities and challenges involved in pursuing a new ethical, legal and political framework regarding animals in research. Can the same legal and regulatory safeguards regarding the use of human subjects in research also be extended to animal subjects? Can questions regarding the treatment of animals within academic institutions be reframed as matters of public responsibility, and made subject to democratic deliberation by the larger community? This conference is intended to encourage critical reflection on the limits of existing regulations, and to inspire creative thinking about alternative frameworks and effective avenues to change.

The conference is organized by the Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Ethics program at Queen’s University, Kingston (www.queensu.ca/philosophy/varia/APPLE.html).

Funding is generously provided by the Abby Benjamin Fellowship program, and the Queen’s Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy. For further information, including a preliminary schedule and list of confirmed speakers, and a registration form, please see attached flyer and visit the conference website: www.outsidethecage.net.