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Executive Directors of Publicity

Nathan Poirier (United States of America)

1. Veganism
2. animal agriculture
3. in vitro meat
4. overlapping oppressions

Nathan Poirier is a doctoral student of sociology at Michigan State University, seeking specializations in Animal Studies and Women’s & Gender Studies. He has previous masters degrees in mathematics and animal studies. Research interests lie predominantly with animal agriculture and veganism, but extend to overlapping oppressions and intersectionality. His current research projects include examining the discourse, comparisons to vegetarianism, and potential cultural implications of in vitro meat; and the construction of animal welfare within animal science courses. In 2015 he organized a community-focused rewilding event in Grand Rapids, MI.


Annie C. Bernatchez (Canada)
SCAS Co-Director


1. Animal Liberation
2. Social Movements
3. State repression
4. Intersectionality

Annie C. Bernatchez is a doctorate student in sociology at the university of Ottawa, Canada. Her field of interest is in social movement and critical studies, with a focus on animal liberation organizations. It is Annie’s third year in the program and she is currently writing my research proposal. The central point of interest of her thesis will be the everyday lives of animal activists within the current social context of state repression that categorizes such form of activism as terrorism. Annie will hold to a vegan standpoint throughout her thesis to advocate against such categorization. She also will use her position in the university setting to do activist work through speaking and writing.


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