General information

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Please find all of the information you will need below.

The ICAS Oceania conference venue is Building 5 at the University of Canberra, location on Kirinari Street, Bruce, ACT. The Friday evening public lecture will be held in building 2, level B, room 7. A map of the campus is available here.
You can take a virtual tour of building 5 here

The registration desk will be located in building 5 on level B near 55a and 55b (where the conference rooms are). It will be attended from 8.45am. Even though tickets will be available at the registration desk (cash only), we request you purchase in advance to assist with catering.
We have a progressive scale for tickets:


Tickets are available online (please note, there is a $2 booking fee)

Please call Lara Drew on 0402 599 293 or security on 6201 2222 if you have trouble finding the building.

Conference, session and workshop structure
The conference is designed to allow as much discussion time as possible. Each session will be chaired by a volunteer who will facilitate the discussion. Facilitators will keep a progressive speaking list. This means, people who have not already spoken will be prioritised.

Lunch, morning and afternoon are tea included in the registration cost for the conference. In reflection of the aims of ICAS, all food will be vegan.
Conference Dinner A conference dinner will held at Kingsland Vegan Restaurant at 6:30pm.
Kingsland Vegan Restaurant
5/28 Challis St Dickson ACT 2602
Accommodation and transport
There are a number of accommodation options available near the vicinity of the venue. Included below is a small selection:
– Belconnen Premier Inn 110 Benyamin Way, Belconnen, ACT 2617
Public transport frequent, 10 minute drive to Uni of Canberra and a 20 Minute Walk to Uni of Canberra. Frequent buses from College St to University of Canberra
– Belconnen Way Hotel Motel and Serviced Apartments 77-79 Belconnen Way, Hawk-er
Public transport frequent, 13 minute drive to Uni of Canberra and a 50 Minute Walk to Uni of Canberra. Buses off Belconnen Way and Murranji St. Get off at the Westfield Belconnen Bus Station and get a second bus to Uni of Canberra from this station.


Parking at UC:

The closest parking to building 5 (main conference) and building 2 – the public lecture – (in terms of ease of finding your way around campus) is the parking located on either side of Bimbimbie Street, Belconnen, Bruce, ACT (this is how Google maps lists this street).

To access this street you need to travel along College street (from Haydon Drive) and turn into the University entrance at Kirinari street (the main bus route from Civic also has a stop near this point so ask the driver about it if coming by bus). Once in Kirinari street turn at the at the first right turn (or left, if coming in the opposite direction from Haydon Drive) and you will see parking on either side of this street (Bimbimbie Street). You can park in any of these parking areas.

On the Friday paid parking applies to all who come to UC (please go to for the charges that are applied). Please go to this link on the UC website which explains the paid parking system in full. Please note this link also has a link to the campus map showing buildings and parking spaces. There are many spaces available for those with a mobility parking permit.

But suffice to say on Friday everyone has to pay regardless of the time spent on campus. To do this you take a ticket at the boom gate and then put this ticket in a safe place for later. Once you are ready to leave you exit the parking area by putting the same ticket into the slot shown and either swipe or insert your credit or debit card (follow the instructions). If there is a problem at this point there is a button to press and security will assist you.

If you do not have a debit or credit then there is a machine available on campus to pay for your parking but you will still need the ticket to exit. Plus security can assist if there are problems with this. Please let the organisers know so they can direct you to security.

Those who attend Saturday do not have to pay for parking because UC do not charge parking fees on the weekend.

Building 5 and 2 are both fully accessible. Further information about venue accessibility is available on the venue website here
Safer Space
The Conference for Critical Animal Studies promotes a safer space in which all must feel welcome, supported, and secure. No one should endorse or tolerate racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQIA sentiments, ableism, speciesism, or any other kind of oppressive behavior. In kind, this conference is a vegan space, and all should refrain from consuming or wearing animal products while taking part.
Sober Space
We encourage a sober space as well, so please do not drink, shoot, or inhale intoxicants into your body closely before or while in attendance at the conference.
Inclusive Space
All rooms and bathrooms are accessible and anyone can come and go as they wish from room to room. Please avoid wearing fragrances or strong scents, as the odors may cause allergic reactions. If you have any requests for assistance such as a translator, note taker, medication, childcare, or physical accessibility, please let us know by e-mailing (We understand this conference is not fully inclusive because of cost, but we do want to address these issues as they are needed to confront ableism).
Grievance procedure
A grievance officer will be available at the conference. Please speak with them if you feel an issue has been dealt with poorly, or if you feel unsafe in any way. If you do not feel comfort-able with this person, please approach a member of the collective.
ICAS Oceania unfortunately cannot offer child care at this stage as we do not have the funding to pay a qualified worker and to cover the insurance. However, children are more then welcome to attend for free. We apologise for this, and hope to be able to secure funding to offer this at future events.